Here, at Idea Living, we believe a good design is not just about the extraordinary, aesthetic appeal or glamour fashion. Therefore, it is all about how to built a deep harmonious connection between people's way of life and the living space completely right.

To us, home
is the functionality,
is the maintainance,
is the sanctuary
is the fond memory,
is where the family begins

We design the space for life.


Idea Living, it is

With more than 30 years experience, (former name P.A. Interior), our focus is on client's satisfaction. We are confident in the integration between the design, the off-site manufacture and the on-site management and problem solving, which are all under our strict supervision to meet our rigid standard. We ensure the punctual work delivery within the committed time frame within the allocated budget. We encourage the client to have a part to create a space for life with us.


We listen

To design the space for everyday living, in each spaces, each rooms, each nooks, each surfaces, each finishing, all have to embrace people's desire, not just only the aesthetic aspect but also the functionality and the maintainance aspect.
Because it is your own space for living, we do listen to your need ,capture and merge them with our design idea and solution to create the space that fulfill your need completely right.


Scope of service

We design
Style and aesthetic is an individual perception, it is subjective.
We provide the interior design services for each one's desire.
The service starts from the site inspection, research, space planning, conceptual development, 3D computerized rendering, the selection of materials and color scheme and the small details from furniture handles, wallpaper and fabrics,, through the use of loose furniture in the space.
And we do construction
For the convenience, we also provide the “turn-key” approach service. The service that cover from design stage, off-site manufacturing through on-site construction and management.
Our design idea is tangible and builtable.
With the turn-key service, everything is under our strict supervision to meet our rigid standard and the work delivery within the committed time frame within the given budget.